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3D Modeling of Historical Building: Radio Television Hong Kong Education Television Centre

The Historical building by Eric Cumine will be demolished soon and be rebuild as a high-end residential building. To "save" the history, the work of 3D modeling helps...

3D Modeling of Historical Building: Nos. 301 & 303 Castle Peak Road
Sham Shui Po, Kowloon

螢幕截圖 2021-10-03 下午7.03.54.png

Surveying of Historical Building: Mei Ho House 美荷樓

Shek Kip Mei Estate marked the beginning of the government public housing scheme, and Mei Ho House was one of the first eight blocks built in 1954 by the Hong Kong Government for Shek Kip Mei Estate.

The six-storey, H-shaped resettlement block was built in 1954 and was recognised as Grade II historical Building...

360 Virtual Tour of Shek Kip Mei

Shek Kip Mei has long been high population area in Hong Kong. Now we can find many historical buildings and discover new findings here. This virtual tour can guide you to see their locations and information.

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