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When there was no unmanned aircraft, the word "Drone" was already used. According to Oxford Dictionary, it was "low humming sound", and the example was "the drone of bees". We can see the strong relationship between SUA and bee has long been formed and they are indivisible. 

Bees create hive and share everything inside, including knowledge and network. We believe that we can be together to explore more and share different experience to fully optimise the potential of Small Unmanned Aircraft. 


Sharing of 
Using SUA

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Research Stories

Cap. 448G, The Small Unmanned Aircraft Order will be effective in June 2022. Under the new regulations, safety requirements such as registration, weight, flying altitude will be tightened. With our expertise and experience, we can handle these with professional operation manual and flight plan to apply CAD permission.

It is important to educate people the proper way in using SUA, in both theories and skills. We believe that the development of SUA will be much popular in the future that because the potential is so great that it can help people to do many dangerous jobs with cost-effective and time saving.

We provide professional training that our instructors are approved by Civil Aviation Department with valid Remote Pilot Certificate (with Advanced Rating) issued by CAD and Remote Pilot Certificate issued by DJI Academy. 

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