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Aerial Inspection & Surveying


Diagnose problems

of buildings


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The hi-res photos and data with Geographical Information System (GIS) collected can help generate a detailed and comprehensive site overview, especially in 2D Mapping, which is crucial to operations in vast area, such as urban planning, reclamation, and rural development, where accuracy can be of utmost important. The data of landscape and big area helps a lot in design and planning.


The non-intrusive nature of survey drones are also proven to be essential for data collection and inspection in densely populated cities, as infill development is a common phenomenon.


Progress monitoring is another common use of UAS. Instead of performing safety checks upon random occurrences, drones can be deployed on regular schedules for safety inspection and identify potential risks in advance.

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Thermographic inspections can identify the fault in the system through locating irregularity and difference in temperature. It is commonly used in safety inspection of buildings such as pipes checking for water leakage, which facilitates property owners in recognising the issue sooner.


Hong Kong is well-known for its tall and densely built-up area, with piping systems usually covering the external building structure. Instead of manually checking, which can be impose immense risk on workers with use of the bamboo scaffolds and gondola, inspection with drones are deemed safer and cost-efficient.

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