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Mei Ho House

Surveying of Historical Building -
3D Modeling

Brief History

The disastrous fire in Shek Kip Mei on Christmas Eve in 1953 made 58,000 people lost their homes. Public Works Department built the Bowring Bungalows after the fire as temporary shelters to settle the fire victims. For long term settlement, 8 permanent six-storey resettlement blocks, including Mei Ho House, were built in 1954 and each block could accommodate over 2,000 people. Wan Hin & Co. was the contractor. 

The buildings were referred as Mark I H-shaped as they resembled the letter “H”. In the following years, all Bowring bungalows were demolished and 21 new resettlement blocks were constructed at the site of Shek Kip Mei Estate in the next 8 years. Mei Ho House was renamed as Block 15.

There were redevelopments in Shek Kip Mei during 1972-1984 and also 2000.

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Mei Ho House is the only Mark I H-shaped resettlement block remained in Hong Kong. It was designated as a Grade I Historic Building in 2005, defined as “Building of outstanding merit, which every effort should be made to preserve if possible.”

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Surveying with UAS

This solution is a great evaluation on accuracy, speed and cost, at same time keeping the details.


The innovative aerial surveying methods can surely save time and manpower with high accuracy. A study from DJI shows the the survey-grade drone can deliver 2cm relative vertical accuracy and 1.2cm relative horizontal accuracy with up to 8-time more efficient. Whole process can be automated if the location fits. 

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