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Make It Easier

About Us


"Boxout" not only implies "Think out of the box", but also a technique from basketball means trying hard to position oneself to get rebound, even a shorter player can out-rebound a taller player.

Our mission is to offer solutions to make works done easier with safe UAS operation, maximising its potential. 

We are a new startup, but think big.

Chan Chak Long, Founder & Chief Remote Pilot

Boxout Production is a Hong Kong based startup production company with a young and ambitious team, with experience and recognised qualifications specialised in Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS). We are in proud collaboration with LKF Group, Link Asset Management LTD, Hong Kong Construction Industry Council, and Oil!.


Our expertise not only covers drone shooting in film and commercial productions, but also Aerial Surveying and Inspection, 2D Mapping and 3D Modelling, and Thermography.

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Operation safety

We are assessed and recognised by Civil Aviation Department (CAD) in the operation of UAS. Formal application of UAS using can be offered. Safety precaution is always our first priority of work when it comes to UAS.


Our team hold Small Unmanned Aircraft Advanced Rating issued by CAD. We are well trained and have much experience on avoiding accident and good flight planning with risk and emergency management. Insurance will be included, considering any sudden malfunction of machine.

Art Tech

Through UAS, we are developing Art Tech, which is a big trend can be interpreted as “applying technology in artistic creation to enhance the content and delivery of artistic creation, support the succession of arts and deepen audience engagement and experience.”

We have 3D engineer team that are professional to create fine models, to ensure the model we create is detail enough to help BIM making. Through the high-res model, works can be done easier and smarter. 

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Consulting Service

There are wide range of use, like Environmental Conservation, Energy, Firefighting, Game developing, Construction, Architecture, Historic Preservation, Filming ​etc. You are welcome to contact us if your business or industry needs UAS services to improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness.

With the promising development of technology, different payloads and sensors can be used in our UAS. Our team is good at UAS operations and believe that we can work smarter to achieve more with new technologies. We love to explore and welcome the challenges. If you have anything problem that UAS may help, do not hesitate to send us enquiry.

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