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Boxout Production

Boxout Production is a startup company offering Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Solutions, with a professional, young and ambitious team, and assessed and recognised by Civil Aviation Department (CAD) as Advanced Operation Permission (AOP) in the operation of SUA. 

We believe work smarter to achieve more with new technologies. We love to explore and welcome the challenges. If you have anything problem that SUA may help, do not hesitate to send us enquiry.

Fly Safe, Work Smart and
Make something great together!


The “Drone Solution” we offer provides businesses across different industries a unique perspective to problems through UAS.

Boxout Production is a team of specialists with expertise in operating UAS or Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA), commonly known as “Drone”.

We discern the technical limitations to the way reliable information can be obtained from being earthbound, which is why we believe UAS is the key to future data collection for it will no longer be limited by physical and geographical capabilities. On top of that, the autonomous nature of drones can significantly minimise the associated labour and time costs.


We are eager to explore the possibilities for SUA.

301,303 Castle Peak Road | 3D Model | 2021

Why Unmanned Aircraft System?

Industry 4.0 concepts and technologies can be applied in all types of industry. Companies are revolutionised in the manufacturing, improvement and distribution.  Integrating with cloud computing and analytics, AI and machine learning, data and smart facilities become more important in predictive maintenance, 3D printing and problem solving.


The smart devices are equipped with sensors and payloads, embedded software and robotics to collect and analyse data. The visualised data plays an import role in offering materials to machine learning system, to achieve the target of cost-effective and time saving.


In order to catch this opportunity and trend, strategic smart solutions are essential to each company and enterprise. And that’s what we offer through UAS.


Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation
Advanced Manufacturing Centre (AMC) | 2021

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